Friday, January 25, 2013

Colour My World: Yellow & Grey

Yellow and Grey are a really popular color combo right now.  My younger sister is having a yellow and grey wedding, and I've been planning a yellow and grey bridal shower.  Look at some of the neat uses of those colors that are out on Etsy right now!

(Note: Next week's Colour My World combo will be red & teal, so if you have any pieces you want featured with that combo, please let me know!) 

Charcoal Grey Centerpiece Crate by EverydayDoxologies
Great Horned Owl Bib by LishhsiLminiature

Violet May Mini Calendar 2013 by VioletMay

Monogrammed Yellow Chevron Throw Pillow by nest2impress
Business Card Case by MyLavenderPeacock

Little Yellow Bright Ring by DeliriumAccesories

I Live Here Customizable Digital Print by TheSunshineGrove

Yellow Grey Chevron Peasant Top by SweetHomeBoutique

Yellow Spring by PrettyMuchArt

All of this beautiful yellow is starting to make me forget that it's winter in Minnesota.  And -8 degrees.
It's nice to daydream.


Gino said...

Thanks for pick my lamp!

Molly, Sweet Potato Shop said...

YAY, thank you for featuring my sunshine print. I really like the collection you put together.

Serena Corinti alias Liquirizia said...

Thanks!!!! I love this post!!!
I put post in my blog!!!!