Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wallet Friendly Wednesday: Edition 3

Welcome back to Wallet Friendly Wednesday, our series of posts of Etsy products that can be bought and sent to you for less than $20. A lot of these items were found while I was searching for other items, and I was pleasantly surprised...(Browsing Etsy can be an expensive hobby---but that's not what this post is about...)

That is one thing I love about Etsy.  You never know what you'll find.  A Pee Wee Herman cross-stitch made it into my search results yesterday; I've no idea how that pertained to what I was searching for, but it gave me a great laugh.

Thank you to the great artists and collectors featured today.   You've brightened my day. 

Vintage 1960's Blonde Man Winking Bow Tie Mug by LeorasMagicCarpetBag
A Whole Bunch of Pearl Chain by WhoKnowsWhat
Friendship Plant Jade 4" Pot by SucculentsGalore
Heart With Initials Customizable Stamp by HappyRainyDay

Personalized Mugs by TheHappyNestProject

Vintage Ask For Bennett's Ice Cream Advertising by heirloommarket

Cutter Quilt Star Pieces Vintage Feedsack by TarnishAndTatters

Vintage Tonka Truck by AmericanHomestead

This is a Real Card Woodblock Stamp by myrubberstamp

Frankoma Mayan Aztec Creamer and Sugar Set by chriscre

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