Friday, February 15, 2013

Colour My World: Orange & Yellow

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 Well, what did you do for Valentine's Day yesterday?
I had two little sick kids at home, so we celebrated in a limited fashion...but still with our biweekly trip to the post office and to the lumber yard. 

In craft fair news, our first craft fair is March 9th.  And we have zero inventory made.
We've got the lumber and the stain, but we've been getting more orders than usual lately (for which we are grateful), and we have not yet made a dent in the stock we intend to bring.

Speaking of stock we intend to bring, that's one thing I had intended to show you today.  We've got a new stain: a bright spring-like yellow, and it goes beautifully with our grey crates.  Michael's talking about making an alternating set.  Maybe this weekend we'll get one thrown together.

So here we are:  Colour My World with Orange & Yellow. 
Aren't these beautiful, folks?
Click on the pictures for today's features to be directed to their links in their respective Etsy shops.

Happy Friday!  (Next week's Colour My World will be green and yellow, per my resident Packers fan's request....they just never give up, do they?)

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jan said...

Gorgeous finds, love these colours they make you happy, thanks again.