Friday, February 22, 2013

Colour My World: Green & Yellow

Welcome back, and happy Friday!
We're taking a "date" down in the workshop today.  I've nearly got half of our crates for our first craft show distressed, and Michael is getting a good start on all of our current orders today.  Someone requested a new style of custom crate, so I may have pictures this weekend.

Before we get started with our post, I just have to say...Etsy is such a small world.  I've been going to MOPS since September, and I just realized yesterday that one of the ladies I sit with each session also sells on Etsy.  Here's her shop (check it out if you like unique jewelry)!

Okay: green and yellow for my ever persistent Packers fan (and you know that I had to include *something* football related today...)  I wish I could say that all of the green and yellow makes me think of spring, but with the weather we just got, it's doubtful anything could convince me that spring is just around the corner.  Click on the photo-links to enjoy unique creations in this color combo.

Next week's Colour My World will be pink and brown.  I'm not a person who enjoys pink, this will be a challenge.  I'm hoping Etsy will rise to the occasion and help me learn to appreciate that color.   Any suggestions for pink and brown products?

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