Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two Exciting Series Coming Up

The cold wind is whipping around our house right now, and three of the four boys (the dog and the two younguns) are sleeping peacefully.
Unfortunately, it's nearly 4 p.m., and we have to wake them up, or bedtime will be....interesting.

We have been invited to participate in our first craft fair in March.  We've never done anything like this before, and truth be told, it intimidates me (Heather).  I'm the introvert of the family.  Michael is the extroverted/can make friends in 2 seconds with a complete stranger kind of guy.  So you may be seeing pictures of us prepping for it or hearing about the things we're doing to prepare.

I mentioned in our last post how we have some exciting things coming up here on our blog.

Yes.  We do!

This coming Friday, I'll be starting a series of posts every Friday called Colour My World (old Chicago reference that I'm hoping somebody catches).  I'll be featuring products from other Etsy sellers in different popular color schemes.  This coming Friday is yellow and grey.  If you're an Etsy seller, please contact me about your favorite color schemes or about your shop, and I'll do my best to feature you.  Hey, it's free advertising, right?

The other exciting thing coming to our blog is a series beginning on Wednesday, called "Wallet-Friendly Wednesdays."  My goal is to try to find amazing gifts or buys on Etsy to feature that are under $20, shipping included.  So, again, Etsy artists, send me your links.  You can leave them here in a commnt, convo me on Etsy, or e-mail me at everydaydoxologies at .

I think looking around on Etsy will be a lot of fun for me.  And it will be really educational too!  Just this morning, I was looking at OldSchoolFarm on Etsy, and I thought to myself... "They have amazing photographs!"  They did a great job of staging and beautiful lighting.  I'm hoping through these series to learn more and more ways to make better products and advertising for us.  (Just being honest, here...after all, I'm a "businesswoman.")

Please, drop us a comment with anything else you'd like to hear about.  We're pretty transparent about running a business when we're speaking to our friends "in real life," and we'd love to share that transparency here.

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